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Pictoblanks is a social game with two playing modes. The first mode is similar to a telephone game, where Players enter emojis, then text, then emojis, then text until every player has played. At the end of the round all players can see the progression of the sentence, then can share on social media. The second game mode is judges favorite, where one player enters either text or a series of emojis and then the other players interpret it into either text or emojis, with the judge picking their favorite. This goes on for multiple rounds, with the winner being awarded coins that unlock more emojis. Our game has been released on a small scale in the local Rochester Area, mainly to family and friends of our developers and advisement board. We have gotten feedback based on this small/soft launch, made changes and now we have marketed and released to a larger base.

The team is comprised of one full-time developer (That’s me, Eric), one student intern, one graphic designer and is overseen by an advisement board and from our parent company, comprised of volunteers who stay in the evenings because they have a passion for games. This advisement board rotates based on who wants to stay for the conceptualization meetings to provide feedback. The owners of our parent company also serve as producers for the game, providing general oversight to the process. It’s amazing what a small group of people can do when they put their minds to it!